Site Suspended!

Why did this happen and what can I do?

Check your email for a notice that your plan is ready to start. Payment information is available in that email. We will host your website for up to 1 month after we provide the invoice for your site maintenance. If you do not want a maintenance plan, please contact us about transferring your site.

Hey, it happens. We have all had payment issues arise from circumstance, fraud, or a major loss. However, due to the costs associated with hosting your site, it is important that we maintain payment for services to ensure access to your site. We allow 30 days from the first time payment fails before we suspend service to your site. You can update your payment information here: Pay Portal
Unfortunately, when a payment is returned, we are faced with the tough decision to end service if payment is not rendered for our services. We’re happy to get your website back up and running, just send us a message and we can work out arrangements to restore service. You can also visit the Payment Portal to update your payment information.