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Domain Management

Managing your domain is technical, specific, sensitive, and critical to the success of your web properties. We provide free domain management to our clients as well as fair contract rates.


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Domain Management Price List

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DNS Record Troubleshooting & Repair
This service is best suited for problems arising from DNS issues that you have little or no information on, which require investigations. Problems can arise after domain migrations or other DNS modifications, and this service tier provides the troubleshooting required to identify those problems.
DNS Record Management
Do you have a platform or service that you'd like to configure as part of your brand, or a new validation that requires a DNS record update? If you're not sure how to update your DNS records and need assistance handling that task, we have you covered!
Multi-Year Domain Renewals
This will depend on the cost of the domain and the desired length of renewal, typically between 2 and 10 years.
% off
* evaluation required
Basic, Advanced
Yearly Domain Management for Clients
All clients with basic (non-premium) domains receive free domain management. Premium domains will receive management equal to the cost of the yearly registration renewal for the premium domain.

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