Deepwater Pixel

Established 2019

We keep you out of the deep end.



Joe started Deepwater Pixel in 2019 and currently serves as our principle developer and project manager.


Head of Fulfillment
Brandon joined Deepwater Pixel in 2021 and has a passion for comic books, Dr. Pepper, and building cool things on the web.

Our Philosophy

It's simple, really...

We keep you out of the deep end.

Web technologies are constantly evolving, quickly leaving online properties in the dust, languishing in disrepair.  Our goal is to take all the technical details off your plate and keep you focused on what you’re good at while we focus on what we’re good at.

Many of our clients were just like you, desperately searching for a way to stop treading water or drowning under all the work they were having to do just to keep a constantly breaking system running.  Or, they were struggling with a lack of communication, clarity, or technical knowledge coming from their existing providers.
Today, those clients enjoy 99.9% uptimes, fast and secure sites, up-to-date code, and the peace of mind knowing their sites are run by Deepwater Pixel.  You can also enjoy that peace of mind knowing there’s always someone keeping an eye on your site and keeping it secure.

We also provide white label services to agencies of all sizes, led by the exact same guiding principles.

Our History

July 1, 2019
Deepwater Pixel Founded
Starting with a single client, Deepwater Pixel strikes out into the world!
July 1, 2019
Conceptual of partnership
September 2019
First White Label Client
We expanded our services from direct clients only to also include other agencies. This type of contract work gives all the credit to the agency while we fade into the background.
September 2019
September 2020
Move-in to Temporary Offices
We moved into our temporary offices in Dallas! We were here for about 4 months.
September 2020
October 2020
Brandon joins Deepwater Pixel
Look at that mug! Brandon joins Deepwater Pixel to assist in project fulfillment.
October 2020
January 2021
Move-in to Permanent Office
We made it! Our own office with enough space for us to have meetings, collaborate, and work undisturbed. Work from home has its limits, folks.
January 2021

Service Level Agreements

Defining what “handling it” actually means.

No nonsense, accountable, and transparent service.  We explain what’s happening using the terminology that’s required, and we’ll simplify it so you can get a handle on things and report back to the higher-ups that you have it handled.  We also offer custom SLAs as needed.


We do try to keep some order around here, so there are a few policies we try to stick to, and a few we ask our customers to stick to.

No Illegal Content

We do not condone, allow, facilitate, or otherwise enable the distribution of any illegal content of any kind.

We Have Late Fees

We provide services as needed, when needed. This means that late payments impact us directly, so late fees are in place to encourage on-time payments.

You Never Handle Emergencies

We keep you out of the deep end. We take this mission to heart, and guarantee that no matter what needs to be done, who needs to be spoken to, or how much effort is needed, we will handle it.

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Based in Dallas, TX