Home At Last Animal Haven (HALAH) is the latest member of the NPO Initiative!

Who is HALAH? (HAL – uh)

Home At Last Animal Haven (HALAH) is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, supported solely by your tax-deductible donations, which provide a no-kill environment for friendless animals until they are adopted into loving homes. Based in Godley, TX, the Home At Last Animal Haven (HALAH) is an animal rescue hoping to provide a second chance at life for friendless animals. It is a rural facility where dogs romp and rest together in their yards.

About The HALAH Grounds

The normal luxuries associated with many animal shelters are not present at HALAH.  There are no tiny, sterile cages where the animals live while hoping to be adopted.  HALAH has no roof or tile floors to protect visitors from getting dirty.  It is a Haven where animals can enjoy the country air, the earth beneath their paws, birds overhead, and space to play with yard mates until their furever, loving family comes along.

How HALAH Started

Home At Last Animal Haven began on a little piece of land out in the country.  Over forty years ago, Godley was a very rural area, far removed from the Metroplex.  This property was chosen due to the small tank (pond) sitting near the road, which now provides a home for many turtles, fish, and a quick swim for personal dog residents.  The property has been enhance by numerous years of planting trees for shade, beauty, and breeze.  The fences creating the dog yards were constructed in various dimensions for grouping similar breeds or sizes, as well as providing shade.

How Can You Help HALAH?

You can donate! Check out their Donate page to give to HALAH, or visit their Amazon Wishlist to buy items and have them sent directly to the Haven. There are also Shop and Help HALAH options where portions of your regular shopping bills are turned into donations to HALAH!

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