3 Solid Reasons to Work with Charitable Companies

We see charitable companies talking about their charitable work all the time. Donations funds, sponsorships, hosted events, and so much more can happen in the realm of charity. The one mantra that we’ve always found to serve us well in searching for what we can do to help our community is a simple one: “do what you can, when you can”. The immutable truth to which we can all agree is that we all eventually need help, in some form.

Deepwater Pixel hopes to join the forces of those seeking to provide that help, in a manner that is best suited to organizations already doing the good work. While we were thinking about this subject, we came up with a few solid reasons you should be working with charitable companies.

1) Caring about communities strengthens them

When you come across charitable companies that have found a cause, pay close attention. A business has no obligation to engage in charity, or pursue anything other than profit, as is the nature of business. It was C.S. Lewis that wrote, “Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.” This rings so true with charitable companies that engage in giving that does more to serve the community than financial interest like tax deductions. You are more likely to find a business of integrity by working with one that has deep ties to charitable giving and volunteering.

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching

C.S. Lewis

2) Charitable Companies Want to Work with You

There’s nothing worse than starting a business relationship that your success depends on, only to quickly or eventually feel like the relationship is one-sided and your chosen partner doesn’t want to work with you at all. This could happen in any industry, and it feels downright awful no matter when or where it happens. Nobody wants to be where they aren’t wanted! When you work with charitable companies, you’re working with an overall happier staff, as detailed in this article by Entrepreneur Magazine. The article’s byline says it all:

The data is clear: To improve culture, companies should be organizing charitable opportunities for employees.

Gary Beckstrand, Entrepreneur Magazine, January 8, 2018

If you’ve ever worked with a company that has a satisfied staff, you know that it’s a joy and a comfort to be taken care of by people that are taken care of themselves. The research supports it, your intuition knows it to be true, and we all hope for business relationships to go this way, but still we can find ourselves working with cold, uncaring companies that burn out their staff and take far more than they return to the communities in which they operate.

3) Giving Back is Good for You

The idea of charity is noble, but ultimately, our best motivations for giving to others are selfish in nature, biologically. As noted in the Community Health Network’s article Why Giving Back Is Good for You, “Some argue that giving is a selfish act because sharing with others is such a joy. And there’s a scientific reason for that feeling of joy. The act of giving actually brings up what some people call the “helper’s high.” They continue, “When you give to others, it activates your mesolimbic system, also known as your brain’s reward center. The system is responsible for releasing endorphins, making you feel all warm and fuzzy.”

When you work with charitable companies, you are directly impacting their ability to give more back to their communities.

Deepwater Pixel’s Charity Work

Our NPO Initiative

We have always had a passion for helping others, and this has extended to our professional careers as it has many other aspects of our daily lives. The result of this passion is Deepwater Pixel’s NPO Initiative, joining other charitable companies in giving back to our community in a real way. We’re going to be talking about this more in the future, but we can share some details now since the program is technically already underway! We are dedicating up to 10% of our resources in web development, hosting, maintenance and support, and other related services to non-profit organizations that facilitates their mission.

Our current participants of the NPO Initiative are at various stages of “production”, as it were, but we’re happy to share that we’ve partnered with Paws in the City to launch a new modern site for their rescue organization. If you’re interested in our Site Building service, please Contact Us!

We are joining other charitable companies in giving back to our community in a real way.
We are joining other charitable companies in giving back to our community in a real way. More coming in the future!

Our Own Volunteer Work

Those of you who have met us personally know that we are constantly volunteering in many capacities in the animal rescue community. This is actually where the NPO Initiative was born from, our ongoing volunteer work.

Joe and Amanda started their volunteering journey together while she was working on her dog training certification, way back in 2019. We began working with Garland Animal Services to train dogs with behavior and fear issues, and started making videos to help get the dogs adopted. Since we started, we have produced over 200 videos for adoptable and rescuable dogs, as well as videos for training and education purposes. We have also produced a free education lecture series on various dog-related topics. You can check those out here, if you’re interested!

We have no plans to stop our volunteer work, despite operating multiple ventures and both Joe and Brandon raising young families at the same time!

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