The Big Password Sheet

The simplest password spreadsheet you'll ever use.

There is no magic solution to password management, and let’s face it, passwords are awful.  Some have Security Questions (gross), and let’s face it, any password you don’t know by heart is impossible to remember.

So we built a password spreadsheet template that just works.

And now we’re sharing it with the world so others can benefit. All we ask is $1.99, once.

Supported Applications


As soon as you begin adding your data to the spreadsheet, it is uniquely yours forever.  Make copies, modify it, build on it.

Anything is possible.

How to Buy & Use TBPS

  1. Complete the form.
  2. Receive email containing download link, then download the file.
  3. Extract
  4. Open your preferred supported application.
  5. Open the file you downloaded.
  6. Start adding your passwords!

$1.99, one time only.

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We will never send you promotional emails.  You will only ever hear from us about The Big Password Sheet if we update the sheet.  Updates to TBPS are free.

Need help using The Big Password Sheet?

We’ve got you covered.  Check out our help guide and tips.