The Big Password Sheet

Help & Tips

We have all learned to manage our passwords differently.  Now, it’s time to learn how to use The Big Password Sheet.

We think that’s awesome.  You can access the file for free using OpenOffice’s Calc application.  You can download that application for Windows, Mac, or Linux, here.

You should put your security questions and answers in the Notes column of the sheet.

Nothing.  This spreadsheet doesn’t “do” anything, which helps make it more compatible for more people to use.

Of course!  The sheet is yours to modify and update as you see fit.  One of our favorite things to do with The Big Password Sheet is to brand the sheet/tab we’re using to match the set of passwords we’re keeping track of.

Our list of supported applications all provide a Multiple Spreadsheet feature, leveraging a tab interface.  Duplicate the tab named Next Set of Passwords to make room for additional sheets.  If you duplicate a sheet that is full of passwords already, delete everything in the white area and start fresh.

Yes!  The Big Password Sheet is made by Deepwater Pixel.  If you’d like to contact us about this product, you can do so on our Contact Page.