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Why use Deepwater Pixel's expert website maintenance services?

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We test updates for you

We keep your site updated with the latest code, standards, and performance enhancements. The days of updates breaking your website are long over. Have confidence that your Deepwater Pixel site will be there when you login.

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We’ll handle the changes

We’ll update your prices, change images, introduce new content, new products, and new services. We will put the same care into ongoing changes that we put into your initial design. Our turnaround time for updates, if we have what we need, averages 24 hours.
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We constantly backup

We automatically backup your website in case anything goes wrong, and we make sure that your site is back online in no time.  You can rest easy knowing your site has expert recovery tools constantly keeping things safe.

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Security is our standard

Every single one of our sites gets the green padlock (SSL), and our custom login process ensures that unwanted visitors can’t access or control your site.  We use layers of protection to ensure your site remains exactly the way it was designed.

But the best reason of all...


We make your site so stinkin' fast.

Expert website maintenance that

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