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We do things a little differently here at Deepwater Pixel.  We volunteer, rescue, and help train hundreds of dogs in our effort to reduce the number of euthanasias that take place in our area.  We work with several rescues, businesses, and currently one shelter (we hope to expand to more) to achieve this goal.  One thing is certain — if we can do good, but don’t, the community loses.  Our passion for saving these dogs is great, as is our passion for our work.  If you’re looking for a new pet, please check out the dogs below and reach out to us if you’re interested.  We promise that we’ll never steer the conversation to business if you approach us about a dog we’ve worked with.

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Rescue Boarding
Status: Tagged by Rescue – Needs Foster
ID: A242009
Added: 2 weeks ago
Updated: 7 days ago
With Rescue
Status: Tagged by Rescue – Needs Foster
ID: A241352
Added: 3 weeks ago
Updated: 1 week ago

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